Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Blog for People.

Hi there. I'm exhausted; how are you?

Yesterday was my cousin Melissa's baby shower. It was a lot of fun (you know... in terms of baby showers), and the food was delicious. I snapped a few pictures. I was feeling a little rusty with this whole camera thing; I haven't taken pictures in forever!

Here's my favorite of the day, Papa Coach and little Dylon:

Papa Coach & Dylon

I didn't get any pictures of Melissa (well I took one, but I took her by surprise and she would skin me alive if I posted it anywhere), but I got two good ones of Shannon (hehe):

Shannon Shannon

I wonder what Dylon will think of his new baby cousin:


We spent the night at Jane's house. My aunt DeeAnn and cousin Tim, both of whom I never see, were there and it was really good to see them. We all got together in Grandmommy's room and helped her with her puzzle. We almost had it finished, but we were missing one piece. The puzzle was set up on a drop-leaf table, and when Jane was in the other room looking for the missing piece, the side of the table was knocked down and the puzzle crumbled to the floor. Everyone thought it was hilarious; we were so close to finishing!

Later we went to Cracker Barrel for pancakes, followed by an ice cream cone at Marble Slab. (I got Birthday Cake with chocolate sprinkles in a waffle cone... ohmy it was good!) We stayed up the rest of the night in Jane's "scrap room" as Tim taught Jane how to use her photography umbrella and DeeAnn and I suffered through being the models.

And now it is already Sunday! I have to get up early tomorrow to run off that ice cream. All in all though, good company, good food, and good laughs... I declare this weekend successful!


  1. That was funny when the puzzle fell off the table. I wish I'd seen it. But just hearing it and seeing the aftermath was pretty great.

  2. Hahaha, yeah there was a moment of silence and then everyone burst out laughing (I think the blue margaritas made it extra funny). My favorite part was when Grandmommy immediately blamed it on me!

  3. And what a great model you were. I blog for people - I love it!!!