Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Foot

I am now the proud owner of new running shoes! I visited Hill Country Running Company last weekend with Casey. The guy who worked there watched me walk and analyzed my gait on the treadmill as I was running. He then proceeded to bring out about 10 pairs of shoes for me to try on. I jumped on the treadmill a few times, and of course went home with the first pair I tried on. They are Asics and I got them in the only color they had – hot pink. (Well they are mostly white, but also hot pink!) The most interesting thing I learned was that your shoes (or at least your running shoes) should have a thumb’s width of space between your big toe and the tip of the shoe. That’s a lot of spaces. Usually my big toe is jammed to the very tip, which is probably why I was having problems. Your feet swell when they get hot, and they need room to expand. So my shoes are huge but they feel great! I tried them out yesterday and ran a nice 3.5 miles at the trail near my mom’s house. I don’t have any foot pain or any blisters! Half marathon here I come.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I successfully completed 10 days of real food! It wasn’t hard at all, but it also wasn’t that different than how I was eating before. It was a little more expensive (only fresh produce, bakery bread) and a tad more inconvenient (no deli meat? Ah!), but it felt good to munch on carrot sticks instead of wheat thins. I’m going to continue what I’m doing, and hopefully introduce some new foods into the mix. A girl from work suggested spiced chickpeas , which sound delicious. (ooo or kale chips?) I’d also like to find some more ways to introduce more veggies into my diet, and eat less fruit. Fruit is so good – but a little too sugary and fibery (stomach pains!).

(ugh I just noticed that the rotisserie chicken I picked up at HEB has some additives, sugars, and milk. I’ll eat it anyway… but I didn’t even think to check the label! Dumb!)

On a completely different note, I just got done reading an entire blog about running. I spent every night last week curled up with my iphone and that blog instead of a book. It made me want to run! I’ve had a little cabin fever ever since I got baby Prim. She hasn’t had all of her shots so she isn’t allowed out and about too much yet. (Not that she will be able to run with me while she is still young anyway. I can’t be messing up her puppy joints!) But I’ve been spending every evening with her making sure she is getting plenty of mental and physical stimulation. I would just feel bad sticking her in her crate for another hour since she is in it all day. I’ve gotten a short run in about every other weekend, but I’m starting to consider waking up extra early (5:30! eep!) to get in a workout. I think it will be better once Prim has had all of her shots, and I can tire her out with a long hike/run/dog park play session after work.

But anyway, back to running. I need new running shoes. I messed up my foot last summer, which was the reason I toned down the running in the first place. It kills me to have to spend a bunch of money on shoes, but I think it will be worth the investment if it helps my feet. I’m planning to visit a running store and do that gait analysis thing to see what kind of shoes I need.

So that’s my life right now: dog, food, work, dog, work, dog, dog, food, dreams of running

Oh wait! I also wanted to share my puppy playschool story with you! I was ranting about it to my friend Casey in an email, and it went something like this:

“I was at puppy socialization class when you called. Prim got stuck playing alone with this one other dog that was being a nutcase. Prim was the only one that wasn't intimidated so she got paired with him. But the other dog was too busy barking his little corgi head off to play so Prim was just begging for treats from everyone. Eventually they moved a little pit puppy in with her (I think the pit was being a butt with the other puppies) and they played well for about 3 minutes, then class was over! Why is my dog the social worker dog?? I wanted her to be pooped out with playing. The good thing is that we get to move to the real dog classes earlier because the instructor said she was mature for her age, an old soul (I don't know how much I believe that!).”

Aren’t you glad you don’t get emails from me? I just blab and blab and blab. Actually… now that I think about it… it’s not too different from this blog.

Are you still here?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Note.

Dear blog readers (but mainly Aunt Jane),

I have decided to give up chewing gum.


Lindsey "cold turkey" Brown