Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Foot

I am now the proud owner of new running shoes! I visited Hill Country Running Company last weekend with Casey. The guy who worked there watched me walk and analyzed my gait on the treadmill as I was running. He then proceeded to bring out about 10 pairs of shoes for me to try on. I jumped on the treadmill a few times, and of course went home with the first pair I tried on. They are Asics and I got them in the only color they had – hot pink. (Well they are mostly white, but also hot pink!) The most interesting thing I learned was that your shoes (or at least your running shoes) should have a thumb’s width of space between your big toe and the tip of the shoe. That’s a lot of spaces. Usually my big toe is jammed to the very tip, which is probably why I was having problems. Your feet swell when they get hot, and they need room to expand. So my shoes are huge but they feel great! I tried them out yesterday and ran a nice 3.5 miles at the trail near my mom’s house. I don’t have any foot pain or any blisters! Half marathon here I come.


  1. I like the hot pink, but Chandler's shoes have butterflies.....just saying. Aunt D

  2. Hello!
    I miss your blog