Monday, November 8, 2010

Cable Rib Dog Sweater

I knitted something! I have this book called Stylish Knits for Dogs. It is full of amusing puns related to dogs and fashion (Vanity Fur, anyone?), but it is not full of good patterns. I started knitting the cable rib sweater but the instructions only had me doing one cable when the sweater clearly had 5! It turns out the book has at least 3 incorrect patterns, but I luckily found the corrected instructions on the publisher's website. Here is the pattern if you want to try it. On to pictures!

In the works:

I took this picture when I was done with all of the cabling. I didn't know how to proceed since I had to increase stitches. (Can you tell I'm a knitting n00b?) Anyway, I figured it out and I finished it!

Dog Sweater

I actually finished it about a week ago. I didn't post it sooner because I didn't have the photo I wanted. You know, the one where one of my dogs is actually wearing the sweater. But it turns out, it doesn't fit my dogs! It's way too small. (It was pretty hilarious trying to put it on... though, the dogs didn't care for it.)

Dog Sweater

I don't know if I just have really tight stitches or if size "small" is only for newborn chihuahuas. Oh well, I had fun. I might try it again in medium.

p.s. I don't know why the color looks so different between photos. They were taken on different days and at different times ... and ... and... I'm also a camera n00b. :(

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  1. Even though too small, it looks great. I think you should get some red thread and knit them a Christmas sweater.
    Aunt J