Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girl Power!

This weekend was way too short!

The weather was amazing! My mom came over yesterday and armed with the electric drill and hammer we hung shelves in my bedroom. I can't believe we were actually able to do it! (Doesn't that make you want to shout "Girl Power!"? no?) After the successful construction we visited a random Chinese food place where I got the fried tofu. It turns out fried tofu is kind of spongy and not very good.

Today, Prim and I drove down to my mom's house. I did some laundry and decided to clean up the backyard. It's been pretty neglected all winter. My mom, Prim, and I visited Lowe's to buy some chicken wire for a compost pile. Prim met lots of people, and more times than not, people ask if she is a blue heeler. I guess it's the coloring (not that the coloring is very similar), but it's so weird how many times I've heard that. We spent the rest of the evening piling all of the leaves into a compost pile. The backyard looks so much better now, and Prim is exhausted. She ran around all day (trying unsuccessfully to get the little dogs to play with her); she loved zooming around in the leaves.

On a completely different topic though, I ran across this website the other day: It's about eating whole food - stuff that is "more a product of nature than a product of industry." I love that idea. I read Michael Pollan's Food Rules last year, and one of his rules was to avoid foods with more than 5 ingredients. That has stuck with me (not that I've ever tried to follow that rule) and I want to give it a try... or at least head in that direction. I've stocked my cabinet with Lara Bars, Triscuits, oatmeal, and nuts. My fridge is full of fruits, veggies, and fish. My bread still breaks the rule, but I've found a local bakery that does make bread with only 5 ingredients. Let's see how hard this will be. Do you think you could give up processed food for 100 days? How about 10? It won't be convenient, but it seems like a fun challenge.

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