Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

See that?

That's my new microwave.


So I said before that Casey gave me a microwave, which she did, but it stopped working before I could ever use it (she warned me it might not work). I spent about a month heating everything up in my one pot, which meant it was cleaned about twice a day. So I sucked it up and went down to Best Buy this morning, armed with my $25 gift card, and bought the cheapest microwave I could find. It was the last one left so I got the floor model at a 10% discount. After everything was said and done I paid $23 for my new microwave. I heated my beans for lunch!! In a microwave!!

Then Stephanie told me she had one that I could have had.

(This blog soooo lives up to its name.)

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