Sunday, August 29, 2010

Assignment: Books

Hi, how've you been? I'm been rreeaaally busy so I couldn't post.

Okay. I'm lying. I've really just been too lazy to post. Though, I did do some marathon baking Friday night that I will tell you all about when I get around to editing the pictures. I did edit one picture tonight, but it has nothing to do with baking.

I like to visit a website called Digital Photography School. I mostly go there to check out the weekly assignments. A theme is picked, and everyone has a week to take a picture that goes along with that theme. I've always wanted to join in, but I've always been too busy or too uninspired or too blow away by all of the great pictures already posted. So without thinking much I grabbed a book (which happens to be the assignment this week), my dog, and my camera. I wasn't out to make an amazing picture, I just wanted to have something enter.

So here's what I ended up with after about 10 minutes of effort and some doggy treats:


Maybe I'll be doing some more weekly assignments. It was pretty fun.

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