Saturday, August 14, 2010

School is Out!

Whew! School is out. I don't have to go to class anymore... ever! The last week was tortuous with two 8-page homework assignments due back to back and a group project assigned last minute where we made a white board look like this:

But I survived. I went to happy hour with a few friends from school after the final, where we (i.e. they) drowned their school angst in alcohol. I was there for the sushi and fro yo. I had a lot of fun and it really hit me how much I'm going to miss some of these people! Maybe I'll bump into them again sometime in my biotech career. Or maybe we should just plan another happy hour!

Jillian, Heather & I outside Sushi Zushi

And yesterday my brother finally graduated from college. This meant I had to travel down I-35 for 35 miles in 5:00 traffic directly after work. I plopped into the seat next to my mom an hour and a half later as James Williams was walking the stage. Since our last name starts with a 'B' I knew I had completely missed seeing Steven. Literally 5 minutes later we were getting up to leave. I was able to snap a few pictures with Steven in his cap and gown. We went to Matt's El Rancho with his friend Nick (the only other person who could make it) after the ceremony. I had the chicken tacos. They were delicious.

Class of 2010.

Steven & Mom
Steven & Mom

And today I'm free to do whatever I want! Ah! What should I do??

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