Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Very Wordy Wednesday

Sorry, I haven't updated in a while. I blame it on the fact that my life is rather boring lately.

I was going to post directly after my incident with the cockroach on my towel. See, we are waging war against the cockroaches who have taken residence in our house. We're fighting back in the form of those little cockroach houses. Apparently they contain poison that one bug eats and takes back to the nest where they regurgitate it for all of the other cockroaches to eat. (This, I'm sure, is completely incorrect but I can't be bothered with looking up the ways of cockroaches and their demise.) Anyway, the outcome has been a lot of drunken, dying cockroaches everywhere. First, there was this one in the kitchen that was just flipped over and twitching. Then I saw one in the bright bathroom just laying forlornly on the rug. Well last night I hung my bath towel over the shower curtain bar as I always do, and started to take a shower. As I was going to grab the end of my towel to wipe my eyes I notices to long antennae peeking out from the fold. It turns out there was this huge (like King of the Cockroaches cockroach) one on my towel. I spent the rest of my shower with water in my eyes, huddled as far away from the towel as possible. Sadly the King lost his life in an unfortunate drowning incident. We think it was an accident.

I was also going to post about how amazing summer is, and how sad I am that it is fading away. I sat out in our front yard (where the grass is as green as it can be) with the dogs and snapped some pictures. Toast absolutely would not look at the camera. jerk.

Tinker Toast

This weekend I also visited Sam's with my mom and we bought the dogs some chew sticks to try. It was hilarious watching the little dogs carry them around everywhere. Tinker got about half way through hers, Toast just sat on hers and growled at any dog that got near, and Teddy probably ended up eating his, Toast's, and the rest of Tinker's.


I also thought about signing on to complain about school. I have ONE day left! The final is tomorrow, and I haven't started studying. *eep* I was all gung ho about studying last week. I even made a post-it note with a list of all the book chapters I was going to read! I didn't even open my book this weekend. For some reason I've decided to leave everything until the last minute (i.e. study tomorrow morning before my 1:00 class). Ugh, I can't wait for this class to be over.

I was going to tell you about all that stuff, but I figured they weren't interesting enough to warrant a blog post. I figured no one would care.

oh well.

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