Friday, August 6, 2010

First Thursday & New Space

Why do I always decide to wash my sheets/pillow cases/comforter at 9:00 at night? Do I not realize that it takes 2 + hours for them to be washed and dried? Apparently not, because I'm horribly tired and my bed is in the drier.

Yesterday, my two BFFs and I went to First Thursday. There were a bunch of little vendors selling crafty things, a duet of clarinets playing on the street corner, a whole bunch of doggies to "aww" at, a really cool costume store, and live music. The live music was actually provided by Stephanie's boyfriend Trey, so we snacked at the Snack Bar and watched him play. The Snack Bar served water in really cool Erlenmeyer flasks (what's even cooler is I didn't have to look that name up), but apparently their chips taste like cereal. All in all it was good times, mainly because I have the best friends ever.

Stephanie Casey & Stephanie

Today was exciting because I got my very own desk/cubicle at work! I sit in the corner, which is totally the best spot because no one is passing you by all day and I only have one neighbor. It's kind of dark back there though. My hole:

(I made sure no one was around while I was taking this. That would have been weird, right?)

Just wanted to make a quick update. I will be a lot more interesting when school is out (she says). I have to go to school tomorrow morning to work on a group project. lllaaammee. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

p.s. I got a little link happy up there. I apologize.

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