Sunday, August 1, 2010


Ah! I finally finished reading my book, all 1439 pages of it. It was the best one of the series so far, and I'm itching to start the next one, though I'm thinking I should wait until school is out. I read about 300 pages this weekend alone, and now I'm very behind on finishing the mound of homework I have. Apparently the last two weeks of class is the best time to pile on all the work.

Here's the books I've read in 2010 so far:
1. The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
2. Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal
3. The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
4. Food Rules by Michael Pollan
5. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
6. The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.
7. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan
8. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
9. A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon

mmm... books.

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