Friday, July 23, 2010

Fish Tacos!

I got to sort through frozen urine today! What does that mean? It means I finally have an internship. A paying internship. Once I finish 160 hours with this company, I'll be certified in Biotechnology. Huzzah! Right now I'm in the sample receiving division, which isn't very science-y. It's mostly data entry, but there is a lot of stuff to learn! Once I'm trained in sample receiving I may even get to move to the testing department which looks the most fun. Everyone I've met is really nice, and I'm really glad I have a chance to work there.

My first day was Wednesday and my two bestest friends took me out to dinner to Matt's El Rancho for some celebration and fish tacos! We should have got our waiter to take a picture of all three of us, but we didn't. All I have are these two gems where I said, "Hey smile or something! I need to put it on my blog."

Oh, I also learned - via the Walgreen's check-out lady - that there is a full moon soon. So if your cash register isn't working this weekend, that's probably why.

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