Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kayaking Down the Colorado and Puppy Alert!

mrrph. so tired.


I went kayaking with Casey and her crew today! We drove over to Webberville to a place called Cook's Canoes. The place was like a tiny, broken down house. It was a little sketchy at first, but the man (Mr. Cook I'm guessing) who met with us was very nice. It turns out he is an Aggie - class of '67. He even gave us a discount! After the initial scare the place was pretty interesting. The front of the house was bordered with a bunch of deflated soccer balls as if they were some type of flower arrangement and there was a big, huge - like 3 inches huge - spider on the mail box. (It was possibly a yellow argiope; it looked like this.)

Alyssa Jenny

It was scorching hot, which isn't really surprising for Texas in July at 2:00 in the afternoon. We couldn't get into the water fast enough. Casey's mom & dad were in one canoe, and her sister (her very pregnant sister) and her sister's husband had the other. The rest of us - Casey, myself, and Casey's friends, Alyssa, Joel, and Fro - were in kayaks.

Kayaking Casey's Dad

There was a little mishap starting out as Joel seemed to be too big for his kayak. He immediately flipped over, lost his glasses, then his paddle, and was then swiftly pulled under a tree where he lost his kayak too. Casey grabbed the paddle, I rescued the kayak, and Fro rescued Joel. We mourned his glasses. Alyssa switched kayaks with Joel and we were good to go.

Clouds Casey

It felt so much better in the water and we paddled a relaxing five miles down the Colorado. At one point we stopped and did some swimming and had some snacks. Alyssa gathered some sea shells and I flung mud around using my paddle (I'm very mature). We also bypassed some very loud cows and an army of little, chirping birds. At the end of the trip we were picked up by Mr. Cook and his gang, wherein it immediately started raining. Good timing! Fun was had by all and I got a funny souvenir.

One Round Tuit

It's for when someone says, "I'll get around to it." And then I guess you hand them the token to show how clever you are. :D

As soon as a got home I got a text from my cousin Dana that read, "Just had the first born!" with this picture attached:

I didn't even know Maia (momma) was pregnant until a few days ago. My uncle asked me to visit tomorrow while he is at work to check on the pups. (Me, "okay!") As of now I am watching facebook updates. So far there are 8 pups. Grabbed this picture from Dana's facebook photos:

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