Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stories of a Mundane Life

Nothing new is going on here, except for the fact that my face is peeling. This is not wanted!

On Friday I went to the DMV. I got there 10 minutes after it opened and that place was packed! Apparently, the DMV is the place to be. I had to change the address on my drivers license since we moved uhm... three years ago. Man, time got away from me on that one. I know I could have changed it online but I didn't like my 16-year-old-self's picture, I wanted to change my height from 5' 5" to my real 5' 7", and I wanted to be an organ donor. Watching all of those medical shows like House and Grey's Anatomy has helped me understand how valuable organ donors can be. (Having said that, I rather hope I'm not ever in the situation to donate my organs. :-/) The guy at the counter next to me had to get a new drivers license because he had lost his old one. When he was finished he walked away and left both his wallet and cell phone on the counter. He rushed back a few seconds later with a, "This is exactly how I lost my license!" It was funny.

That night I went to bed at about 8:30 so I could read and get to sleep early. I probably stayed up until about 12:00. My book kept getting interesting! I would be like, "Okay, I'll read to the next chapter." And then my book would build up to this cliff hanger ending after every chapter! Anyway, so now I'm pretty tired today. Even so, I did do some shopping. When I was in a dressing room a little kid was singing that song from a mop commercial or duster or something... you know, "Who's that laddddyyy? *who's that lady* Sexxxxyy lady!" And her mom was all, "You can't say 'sexy' you're only 3 years old." And the little kid said, "I can see your boobies!"

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  1. Love the dressing room bit. Hilarious! I laughed sooo hard!