Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Needles and Old Friends

Hello friends! My life has been super boring lately, just work and school, so I don't have much to report. I went to the doctor this morning and got a shot. :( I needed to get blood drawn for an antibody titer for work, and the doctor noticed that I needed an updated tetanus shot. I don't remember the last time I had a shot, but it was when I was still scared of them. To my surprise, it hurt a lot less than getting blood drawn, which is something I do every 8 weeks. I was so proud of myself for not feeling anything, but now of course my arm is throbbing.

And tonight I went out to dinner with an old friend, Carrie. (We go all the way back to first grade... she and Stephanie have known each other all their lives, and I met Carrie through Stephanie. All three of us lived in the same neighborhood and were best friends growing up.) Anyway, Carrie and I went out for some sushi. Stephanie was supposed to go but got sick, dang her! Carrie is exactly how she's always been, which is comforting. I had a good time, and we had a lot of stuff to talk about - a year's worth of stories. We're already planning to do it again soon, this time with Stephanie. I love having all of my friends live in the same city again! That's something you really take for granted in high school!

And since those stories were rather dull, I'll leave you with a fun picture. I don't know what's more amusing, our pose or the stuffed monkeys between us!

Me, Stephanie & Carrie circa 1998

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