Thursday, July 15, 2010

I need some aloe!

What was yesterday? Wednesday? Geez, it felt like a weekend!

My two BFFs and I drove over to Hamilton pool to go swimming, but it was closed due to high bacteria levels. (eww!) It's a shame because the place looks really pretty. Fortunately there was a river close by at Milton Reimers Ranch Park where we could swim. We had lunch on the river bank and then spent a couple of hours swimming and hanging out. It felt so good in the water, but it was so hot when we got out! I think we all got sunburned. :( But it was worth it, I had a lot of fun.

Casey & Stephanie


Group Picture! (I had the camera timer on - it was set to take 3 pictures. Good thing too!)

Casey, Stephanie & Lindsey Casey, Stephanie & Lindsey
Casey, Stephanie & Lindsey

We hung out at Casey's house that evening, ordered in some pizza, and watched Juno since Stephanie had never seen it. Casey is dog sitting two Bernese mountain dogs this week for her neighbor so we watched the movie with them. They were soooo pretty! And big! We played a little in the backyard before it got dark.

Stephanie making friends with Casey's dog Pyro on the stairs:

Pyro & Stephanie

Gretchen and Anja, the two beautiful puppies:

Gretchen Anja

I love summer.

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  1. I love your group picture. PRICELESS!!