Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Geography Binge

Okay guys, I think I just spent the last hour and a half at this website. I was originally looking for a US map quiz where you have to label the states, which is where that link goes. (See how well you do! I had them down after a couple of tries.) But then on the right there is a "Try another quiz" option, and ohmygosh I am having so much fun! I can now get a perfect score on the Europe, Middle East, and Asia maps. Next I want to try Africa! I know I sound like an absolute dork, but for some reason my brain is enjoying the memorizing. I forgot that I needed to get to bed early tonight. I also forgot to snack all night long, or to put my sheets in the dryer. School has been boring me lately, and couldn't even get myself to study for longer than a couple of hours yesterday. But this! This is fun!

Speaking of not studying, my nails always get painted the day before a test.

High fives for procrastination! *slap*

1 comment:

  1. You are a little out there memorizing maps BUT I like your nails.